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We are based in the Netherlands and specialized in providing local application development support, to customers everywhere in Europe, in the markets of:

  • Automotive & Commercial Vehicles
  • Packaging
  • Plastic applications in general

We are relying on a large and flexible network of experts in the fields of material, design and processing, located throughout Europe.

We are specialized in local application development for automotive & Commercial Vehicles.
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Our Goal

Is to strengthen your competitive position by optimizing your applications and processes regarding costs, weight, and cycle-time.

Our Objective

Is to deliver the right expertise at each stage in the development process, to outline the shortest path from initial concept to mature design.

Our Reward

Is an enjoyable long-term relationship with our clients. Ron Krotwaar, director and senior engineer, says: "Thorough understanding of our customer's needs is key to providing the right support. That's why we take that closer look...!"

Delivering ideas and innovation

Your ambitious ideas
Our unwavering passion

We identify 3 main pillars that define the end product:

  • Material
  • Design
  • Process

But the chosen material influences the process, the process influences the design, and the design influences which material can be used. And vice versa...

3 main pillars define the end product: material, design and process.
Use our expertise to your advantage!

The reason why we are convinced that we can develop the best solution within the given boundaries, is because we have profound knowledge in all 3 of these pillars and we take into account the mutual influences already in the earliest stages of the development process.

We can support you in choosing the best production-process for your targeted application, and optimize the balance between throughput and Cpk values. We help you in optimizing cycle times in the production by de-bottlenecking and fine-tuning the separate steps in the production line.

Every step we make, is dedicated to help you making the most profit out of your product!

Engineering services, including CAE-support
The 3 pillars
Our engineers are experts in the field of material, especially plastics and metals.

Material Advice

Our engineers are experts in the field of plastics, metals, and familiar with all challenges that are intrinsic to these materials. We know how influences like e.g. ageing, creep / relaxation, conditioning and strain-rate dependence are affecting the performance of the final product.

Furthermore, we have a profound knowledge in the behavior of all other materials used in the Automotive & Commercial Vehicle market. It is this knowledge that enables us to benchmark which material is best for an application. And...we know what we're up against when replacing metal with plastics.

Conversion of specs into innovative and producable plastic designs.

Design Support

With design, we mean design for performance: So, matching the part's performance with the specifications that are required. We have built-up elaborate know-how regarding:

  • Understanding Automotive & Commercial Vehicles specifications and macro drivers (cost, weight, CO2)
  • Interpretation of customer needs
  • Conversion of metal designs into innovative and producable plastic designs
  • Function integration
  • Construction principles in general
  • Numerical simulations (Computer Aided Engineering)

We can help you with optimizing a design based on your existing concept, or we can start from a white piece of paper.

With years of experience in process related operations like Injection molding, Welding and Metal stamping.

Process Support

Our engineers have years of experience in:

  • Injection molding and working with MuCell / Chemical Foaming Agent (CFA)
  • Alu Die-Casting
  • Metal stamping

And all accompanying secondary operations, like:

  • Vibration / hot-gas welding of plastics
  • Welding of metals
  • Surface treatments for corrosion resistance and adhesion
  • etc.
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Unmatched Expertise

Services we offer


We deliver the right advice in the right stage of the development process with support in the field of material choice, design optimization and process optimization.

We are there to help you in generating a fully functional mechanical design, starting from a white sheet of paper and a set of requirements.

Supporting molding trials

Optimizing your process settings and generating best possible products with the given production setup.

Facilitating prototyping and testing

We can facilitate, coordinate and process all raw material and application tests, as defined by OEMs. Next to that, we have the possibility to arrange prototypes of your concepts and arrange production trials at any desired scale.

Engineering services, including CAE-support

One of our strongest tools is Computer Aided Engineering (= CAE). With the use of highly advanced software, we can speed up your development process by predicting and quantifying performance, via virtual prototyping and virtual testing. In this way, we can make an early shifting in concepts and identify feasibility and areas of improvement in concepts already in a very early stage of the development process. Some of the simulations we can offer:

  • Static (thermo-)mechanical
  • Dynamic mechanical / Frequency response
  • Impact simulations
  • Topology / topography optimisation
  • Injection molding simulations, including prediction of filler-orientation and warpage
Project management

We have silver-certified project managers, that can pull and coordinate your product development process through your organization. Keeping the right momentum to deliver results in time!

Resident engineers

We are employing experienced resident engineers, delivering the desired support on the spot. Ensuring the shortest communication lines and quickest reactions possible.

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