A smarter view
on engineering

Who we are and what we do

Based in the Netherlands, we support clients throughout Europe in the field of application development. We specialize in the development of applications for the automotive and dispensing industry. We also have extensive experience in the field of industrial design and plastic applications in general.

From an in-house team and extensive global network, we provide a wide range of development support, enabling us to assist you at every stage of your development process. From concept design and engineering to prototyping and testing.

Our vision and approach

We are characterized by an integrated approach to materials, design and production processes, combined with our sustainable vision. We see it as our mission to contribute to a better world with our highly efficient, CAE-driven engineering. We help customers reduce their carbon footprint by looking at the entire life cycle of an application and saving as much as possible on raw materials, energy and waste.

Our focus is on weight reduction and recyclability, by making smart material choices and lightweight design. Of course without any concessions in terms of quality and safety. On the contrary: our sustainable approach often contributes to better functionality and overall performance, while at the same time cost savings are achieved.

But the biggest benefit is that we contribute to leaving the world a better place for future generations.

We also strive for sustainability in our business operations. For example, our paperless office runs entirely on green electricity and our fleet is electrified. We also try to travel CO2 neutral.


What we
stand for?

Based on our extensive experience in the automotive and dispensing industry, we can generate an innovative solution tailored to your problem and guide your development process from A-Z.
Added value
We strive to maximize the added value of your application or product.
Process monitoring
Through thorough project planning and process monitoring, we deliver the desired result on time.
We speak your language and can communicate with different stakeholders at various levels.
We look at your issue from a clear, integral vision of materials, design and processes.
Goal oriented
Effectiveness and efficiency are central to our approach. We focus on the target and move towards it quickly and without detours.
Optimal cooperation to achieve our common goals better and faster.


Are you looking for an engineering partner with a passion for sustainability and innovation, who can help you with a tailor-made solution from an integrated approach and assist you throughout the entire development process? Then please contact us.
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Copyright by Krotwaar CAE. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Krotwaar CAE. All rights reserved.